Branding Studio

Kelly Brito is a brand designer and photographer, who collaborates with creative entrepreneurs worldwide to build beautiful visual identity design and photos for unique brands and creatives.

The Creativepreneurs Club newsletter offers resources, stock photos, brand design kits and other products to help creative entrepreneurs build memorable brands in a budget.

Visit the shop and see the portfolio. If you're ready to build an irresistible brand, let's collaborate today!

Buttons & Fonts

These are the background colors available with this theme. With this, you are able to create buttons, full page width headers, menus, and customize your website look, so that it matches your branding! The installation guide comes with all instructions on how to create these backgrounds, as well as the color codes  -so that you can use the colors on all your other products. Cohesive branding is key! There's also a matching branding kit for this theme, so you might wanna take a look.

This is header 1/h1

This is header 2/h2

This is header 3/h3

This is header 4/h4

This is header 5/h5
This is header 6/h6